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Halisahar Municipality will provide all its citizens sustained access to improved health, adequate and equitable basic services, and livelihood opportunities in an environmentally sustainable urban area, which upholds social justice and practices democratic and secular values, including human rights and right-to-information coupled with balanced development supported by an advanced, transparent and sustainable Urban Local Body, all of which will make it an attractive and secure place for investment to eradicate poverty with a long goal to transform it into a HERITAGE TOWN backed-up with all modern amenities – a tourism destination.


Chairman Desk

I heartily congratulate the citizen of Halisahar Municipality for their humble cooperation to make the city prosperous in all aspect in providing all possible municipal services and required development as per financial capability. In this context we do expect that the citizen should also cooperate by making payment of municipal tax timely for avail rebate facility, maintain clean environment throughout the city, stop misuse of drinking water, make construction as per sanctioned plans and extend their hands in resisting illegal activities. We are accountable to the citizen of Halisahar Municipality and thus determined to bring transparency in administration, add momentum to Work Culture, attend public grievances sincerely, maintain friendly & sweet relation between the municipality and the citizens to reach our destination of this city of Tourism.   


Ansuman Roy

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